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Kraken, one of the oldest bitcoin exchanges, supporting more than 60 coins, margin trading, staking, and a wide range of options for crypto investors. Learn more about this exchange in terms of its features, fees, trading platform, and more.


  • Wide range of investing options

  • Supports more than 60 cryptocurrencies and several fiat currencies

  • 24x7 customer support

  • Excellent documentation is available

  • Easy-to-use interface

About Kraken

With the rise in cryptocurrency trading, the demand for new crypto trading platforms has increased. Even though there are more than 500 crypto exchanges in the market, only a few go the extra mile. Kraken is one such trading platform that has been ruling the crypto scene for almost a decade. Formally established in 2011, Kraken started its trading operations only in 2013 by its founder Jesse Powell. According to its founder, the main objective behind Kraken is to provide a safe and secure platform to buy, sell and manage cryptocurrencies from all walks of people. This article will explore the various features of Kraken, fees, trading platform, supported coins, security and customer support, etc.

Kraken is centralised and regulated by the FinCEN in the US, FinTRAC in Canada, and the FCA in the UK. It offers users a wide range of investment options, including loans, staking, margin and futures trading, custody, and more. While trading cryptocurrencies is not licensed or regulated in the UK, it is not banned. But crypto exchanges need to register with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to conduct any business related to trading with cryptocurrencies.


Kraken is a trading platform that has been ruling the crypto scene for almost a decade

Key Features And Benefits Of Kraken

Kraken comes loaded with a host of features, making it one of the most popular and oldest crypto trading platforms:

• Wide range of investing options
• Supports more than 60 cryptocurrencies
• Mobile app available for iOS and Android
• Use fiat currencies to buy crypto
• Buy, sell or trade crypto easily
• 24×7 customer support
• Future and margins trading

Kraken Sign up And Verification

To get started with Kraken, users need to register themselves by setting up a new account. To register:

1. Click on the “Create Account” on the top right-hand corner of the home page.
2. In the signup form, provide your email address, username, password, and country of residence.
3. You will have to agree to all the terms and conditions and click the “Create Account” button to get started.
4. You will then receive a mail with an activation code on the registered email id.
5. Once the account is activated, you need to verify your account to start trading with Kraken.
6. To verify, you need to provide your personal details, including your first name, last name, date of birth, address, phone, etc.
7. You also need to upload documents to verify, including Proof of Identification, Proof of Address, etc.

Kraken provides users with four types of verification, including Starter, Express, Intermediate, and Pro. Each level verification asks for different types of documents and details. The Pro is the highest level of verification and provides access to all products and services in Kraken.

Kraken Account Funding

With Kraken, users can fund their accounts in two ways, including fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. Users can deposit crypto in unlimited numbers, except for members in express verification levels. Kraken supports various modes of deposits for fiat currencies, including Swift, Wire transfers, Etana Custody, etc. Kraken also supports Google Pay and Apple Pay payment options to allow for a faster and convenient way of payment to acquire cryptocurrency.

Types Of Trading Available on Kraken

Kraken offers a wide range of trading for its users, including:

• Spot Trading
• Margin Trading
• Futures Trading

Spot Trading: Kraken allows users to trade their crypto assets instantly on the spot market. Users can trade between cash-crypto pairs, cash-cash pairs, and crypto-crypto pairs. Since the settlements are instant in this kind, it is called spot trading.

Margin Trading: Margin trading is another common trading method followed in the market where the user can leverage their positions using borrowed assets. With Kraken, users can leverage their positions up to 50 times their margin.

Futures Trading: Kraken allows a seamless trading experience as users can quickly transfer between spot and futures markets. The trading interface is highly flexible and intuitive. There are also various educational content and support available on futures trading.

Kraken Supported Coins

Kraken supports more than 60 cryptocurrencies, including BTC, LTC, ETH, XRP, BCH and USDC, XDG, etc. Users can use fiat currencies to buy crypto assets in Kraken.

Kraken Fees

Kraken doesn’t charge for transferring funds to and from the futures wallet, storage, staking, and account maintenance. However, Kraken charges a fee of 1.5% per transaction for buying, selling, and converting orders made through the Buy Crypto Widget. For Stablecoin purchases, a fee of 0.9% is charged. For more information on the fee structure of Kraken, please click here.

Kraken Security

One of the biggest fears amongst investors in investing with crypto assets is the fear of security breaches and hacks. Over the years, many crypto exchanges have faced a lot of heat due to security breaches resulting in the loss of millions of dollars in crypto assets. With Kraken, you never need to worry as around 95% of funds are stored in a highly safe and secure offline cold storage facility. Kraken also provides two-factor authentication for added security. All sensitive data are encrypted and stored, and regular vulnerability tests are conducted to check for any security issues or vulnerabilities.

Kraken Customer Support

Kraken provides 24/7 customer support through various channels, including Live chat support, phone support, submitting a request, etc. Kraken also comes loaded with a support documentation center and a detailed FAQ to clarify all your basic questions related to funding, trading, security, fees, etc.


Kraken is one of the oldest crypto exchanges in the market and provides a broad range of investment options, including spot, margin, and future trading. Kraken is a highly secure trading platform with 95% of funds stored in offline storage and provides two-factor authentication for added security. Overall, Kraken is a highly established crypto exchange operating for more than a decade and ideal for beginners and experts.