What is Blocksnip?

Blocksnip is pleased to be among the most influential authentic information providers in the global crypto community. We provide an easy and user-friendly platform for gaining access to a broader space that gathers the world’s best crypto service providers in one place. Blocksnip empowers users to create their path regardless of whether they are experienced players or newbies. Our platform offers an increasing list of categories like Wallets, Exchanges, NFT, Lending, Staking, News, Books, and many more to help you find the best crypto providers that exist in the crypto space, along with a wide variety of tools and services to help you manage your valuable crypto assets easily and safely.

Currently, we provide 15 categories including over 60 providers. Users can choose what they need from the list. The categories are constantly growing to provide more to the users to find the best service providers for their needs. Apart from the 60 providers already listed, there are also more on the way, and will be constantly updated in the fast growing crypto space.


We present you the best providers in over 15 categories


Blocksnip was founded in 2019


We already presented and rated more than 60 of the worlds best providers

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We are enthusiastic and work in the crypto space since 2016